This page aims to form a base for ongoing research and critique of themes surrounding agricultural urbanism, urban agriculture as applied within and out-with design disciplines. Current and existing approaches will be analysed tested using current consumption patterns and land uses – with the city of Edinburgh chosen as a test base.

The Authors interest in this emerging subject area began after time spent travelling in Cuba, and whilst on exchange in Barcelona in 2006, this lead to participation in an international competition “Self sufficient Cities” organised by the Institute of Advanced Architecture Catalonia (IAAC).

The competition brief sought visions the “habitat of the future[2]” and aimed to consider models for self sufficient cities for the 21st Century.  IAAC’s desire to operate at the scale of the city of Barcelona was inspired by the 150th Aniversary of the Barcelona Eixample by the Catalan engineer Alfons Cerda. Cerda was a visionary planner contemporary with Ebenezer Howard both proposing solutions which sought to re-think the relationship between the ‘city’ and the ‘country’ in response to the increasingly industrialised nature of cities in Europe.

Proposals considered both energy and resource self-reliance, however a major aspect featured in winning proposals[3] was that the Architecture and planning of cities incorporated food production and agriculture as a major element for organising the city. Such urban and architectural ‘visions’ were an attempt to achieve food sovereignty and reduce the dependence of cities in a moment when for the first time in the history of civilisation the world was now in the “urban age[4]” with the number of urban inhabitants throughout the world becoming greater than those living in rural areas.

[1] (5th  year)

[2] Iaac, Self-sufficient City: Envisioning the Habitat of the Future, Barcelona 2010 P31

[3] Ibid


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